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Peptidoglycan as major binding motif for Uranium bioassociation on Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1 in contaminated waters

Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Ramtke, J.; Drobot, B.; Müller, K.; Steudtner, R.; Kluge, S.; Hübner, R.; Raff, J.


Effect of temperature and cell viability on uranium biomineralization by the uranium mine isolate Penicillium simplicissimum

Schaefer, S.; Steudtner, R.; Hübner, R.; Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Merroun, M. L.

Uranium and neptunium retention mechanisms in Gallionella ferruginea / ferrihydrite systems for remediation purposes

Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Scheinost, A. C.; Roßberg, A.; Müller, K.; Lehrich, J.; Bok, F.; Hallbeck, L.; Schmeide, K.

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Metabolism-dependent bioaccumulation of uranium by Rhodosporidium toruloides isolated from the flooding water of a former uranium mine

Gerber, U.; Hübner, R.; Rossberg, A.; Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Merroun, M. L.

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Multidisciplinary characterization of U(VI) sequestration by Acidovorax facilis for bioremediation purposes

Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Gerber, U.; Müller, K.; Moll, H.; Rossberg, A.; Steudtner, R.; Merroun, M.

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Combined use of flow cytometry and microscopy to study the interactions between the gram-negative betaproteobacterium Acidovorax facilis and uranium(VI)

Gerber, U.; Zirnstein, I.; Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Lünsdorf, H.; Arnold, T.; Merroun, M. L.


A spectroscopic study on U(VI) biomineralization in cultivated Pseudomonas fluorescens biofilms isolated from granitic aquifers

Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Lütke, L.; Moll, H.; Bok, F.; Steudtner, R.; Rossberg, A.

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Implementation of microbial processes in the performance assessment of spent nuclear fuel repositories

Behrends, T.; Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Arnold, T.

Immobilization of uranium in biofilm microorganisms exposed to groundwater seeps over granitic rock tunnel walls in Olkiluoto, Finland

Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Lünsdorf, H.; Arnold, T.; Bok, F.; Steudtner, R.; Pedersen, K.; Lehtinen, A.; Brendler, V.

Eukaryotic life in Biofilms formed in a Uranium Mine

Zirnstein, I.; Arnold, T.; Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Jenk, U.; Bernhard, G.; Röske, I.


The influence of biofilms on the migration of uranium in acid mine drainage (AMD) waters

Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Lünsdorf, H.; Arnold, T.; Brendler, V.; Eisbein, E.; Jenk, U.; Zimmermann, U.

Identification of the uranium speciation in an underground acid mine drainage environment analysed by laser fluorescence spectroscopy

Arnold, T.; Baumann, N.; Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Brockmann, S.; Zimmermann, U.; Jenk, U.; Weiß, S.; Wobus, A.; Zirnstein, I.

  • Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75(2011), 2200-2212


Influence of uranium (VI) on the metabolic activity of stable multispecies biofilms studied by oxygen microsensors and fluorescence microscopy

Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Arnold, T.; Großmann, K.; Hofmann, S.; Wobus, A.


Identification of fluorescent U(V) and U(VI) microparticles in a multispecies biofilm by confocal laser scanning microscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy

Großmann, K.; Arnold, T.; Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Diessner, S.; Wobus, A.; Bernhard, G.; Krawitz, R.

  • Environmental Science & Technology 41(2007)18, 6498-6504


Quantification of secondary Fe-phases formed during sorption experiments on chlorites

Reuther, H.; Arnold, T.; Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.

  • Hyperfine Interactions 156/157(2004), 439-443
  • Poster
    Int. Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect, 21.-25.09.2003, Muscat, Oman

Formation of secondary Fe-oxyhydroxide phases during the dissolution of chlorite effect on uranium sorption

Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Arnold, T.; Reuther, H.; Brandt, F.; Bosbach, D.; Bernhard, G.

  • Applied Geochemistry, 19(2004)9, 1403-1412, DOI:10.1016/j.apgeochem.2004.01.017


Chlorite dissolution in the acid pH-range: A combined microscopic and macroscopic approach

Brandt, F.; Bosbach, D.; Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Arnold, T.; Bernhard, G.


Formation of Fe-oxyhydroxide particles during the dissolution of Fe-rich chlorite: Fate and behavior of heavy metals in the environment

Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Arnold, T.; Brandt, F.; Bosbach, D.; Bernhard, G.

  • Lecture (Conference)
    80. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Mineralogischen Gesellschaft vom 8.9. - 12.9.02 in Hamburg
  • Beiheft zum European Journal of Mineralogy (2002)14, 92


Sorption of U(VI) on muscovite. Comparing SCM modeling with spectroscopic and microscopic results.

Arnold, T.; Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Walter, M.; Geipel, G.; Bernhard, G.

  • European Journal of Mineralogy (2001)13, 17