Data transfer & processing

The major task of the department of research technology is to develop experiment infra-structures for the institutes of the HZDR.

Thus, data collection architectures in a scientific environment are one of our core topics – in many cases from physical input to imaging.
Analog data are read out in many cases with the use of industrial hardware in combination with own equipment, firmware and software in order to achieve top performance. These designs range from closely coupled decentralized detector subsystems to versatile control systems covering thousands of analog and digital I/O’s.
To achieve high speed data transfer and processing, standard components like Ethernet Links and GPU-Hardware are tied together on PC platforms - while our own dedicated hardware and Linux drivers often provide the glue to obtain an efficient and robust system.

Data transfer and processing

This approach offers the benefit to develop and pre-test your functionality in a scalable experimental setup without the use of big experimental infrastructures – and thus yields fast development cycles and early results. There is always a variety of different projects – a chance for you to join in.