NetFlot: Network of Infrastructure (NOI) - Modelling the Flotation Process

The network of infrastructure and modelling the flotation process (NetFlot) is aiming at boosting competence, infrastructure and modelling capacities by collecting a significant number of partners from across the knowledge triangle (research labs, higher education institutions, and companies) and across Europe.


1st NetFlot meeting was held during 31.03.-01.04.2016 in Freiberg/Sachsen (Germany): Kick-off

2nd NetFlot meeting was held during 19.-21.10.2016 in Krakau, Gliwice, Polkowice, and Wroclaw (Poland)


                            Project coordinator:      Prof. Dr. K. Eckert                                              

                                Project manager:      Dr. M. Stockmann                                                      


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