THz-Lab - Special Information for your stay

  • In the THz-Lab there can be a dose rate level higher than background level because of beam operation in room 111b. The dose rate can differ locally inside the THz-Lab.
    You get information about your individual dose from your EPD.

  • A guide value of 3 µSv per shift should if possible not be exceeded. Logout your EPD at the EPD system and control your individual dose at each end of shift. If you are using a guest EPD, you must record your individual dose and complete all other columns at each end of shift.
    If you exceed the guide value of 3 µSv per shift, inform the Radiation Protection Officer.

  • To reduce your individual dose you should stay only for absolute necessary tasks in the THz-Lab. For all other works (like working on your laptop) go to rooms 204 or 101 in building 540/542.
    Objects in the THz lab cannot get activated or contaminated in normal operation.