The sound velocity and attenuation are measured using a pulse-echo method with a phase-sensitive detection technique [1].

Ultrasound setup 

Principle sketch of the measurement setup

The ultrasound frequency is 5 - 500 MHz.

The sample size should be > 0.5 mm along the sound propagation.

Standard temperature range is 1.3 – 300 K. Low temperatures in a 3He-system are possible.

The technique is best suited for magnet types A or B but can be installed in all other magnets.

The resolution for the relative sound-velocity change is 10-5 and 10-3 for the sound attenuation.

Ultrasound CdCr2O2 

Sound velocity versus magnetic field in the frustrated antiferromagnet CdCr2O4 [2].

[1] S. Zherlitsyn et al., Low Temp. Phys. 40, 123 (2014)

[2] S. Zherlitsyn et al., Phys. Rev. B 91, 060406(R) (2015)