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Multiphase Flows - Simulation, Experiment and Application

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The conference will take place after the Short Course from Wednesday noon until Friday noon.

Multiphase flows occur in a large variety of industrial applications, for instance in the chemical and process industry, in power generation, and in the automotive industry. In order to improve the quality of these products, to accelerate their development, and to increase their safety, it is important to better understand, model, and simulate multiphase flows.

The goals of the conference are to discuss the state of the art in multiphase flow research and applications, and to foster discussion and exchange of knowledge. Experts from the experimental side, from modelling and simulation, as well as experts from the application field are invited to present their research and results to a worldwide audience.

General topics of interest include, but are not limited to

  • Modelling and simulation of multiphase flows
    • Phase interaction models
    • Turbulence models
    • Solution algorithms
    • Multi-scale modelling techniques
  • Application of simulation methods to multiphase flow problems
  • Experimental investigations of multiphase and magnetohydrodynamic flows
  • Measurement methods for multiphase and magnetohydrodynamic flows

Keynote lectures

  • Three-dimensional dynamics of rising bubble pairs released in line
    Jacques Magnaudet, IMFT – Institut de Mécanique des Fluide de Toulouse, France
  • Sensitized-RANS modelling of turbulence: physical rationale and application to bubbly flows
    Suad Jakirlic, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

Online Event

The presentations will be pre-recorded if possible and will therefore be available to registered participants during the event. If a lecture is not available in advance, it will be recorded and made available for viewing afterwards. If certain contributions are too early or too late for your time zone, you can still watch them on a time-delayed basis.

For the poster session, an individual virtual table will be available for each single poster. In a 3 minute video the presenter will briefly introduce his contribution. The poster can be viewed by the participants. Meet and discuss with the presenter or listen what others discuss with her or him!

The conferencing tool will provide appropriate meeting rooms for meetings between participants (individually or in groups) among each other and with the lecturers, as well as personal, group and public chats.

Call for Abstracts

The deadline for the Abstract Submission has passed. No full papers are required. The abstracts will be accessible from the conference tool for all accepted contributions.

For oral presentations, we have time slots of 25 minutes (18 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for discussion, 2 minutes for change). Preferably, the presentations should be pre-recorded. This will be done with support from the conference agency. Presenters have to be present during their presentation slot for chatting with the participants.

For poster presentations, a 3 minute introduction will be pre-recorded and available during the conference. A pdf-file with the poster has to be submitted by the authors before the conference and will be visible for all participants. There will be a special poster session, but above mentioned documents and the possibility to contact the presenter will be available during the whole conference.


Poster awards will be granted to the best 3 posters on the basis of a vote by the participants.


Abstracts, presentation slides and posters of the accepted contributions will be provided to all participants.
Supplementary material is welcome.
As in previous years, we will again have the opportunity to publish selected contributions in a Special Issue of the journal Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow. This year we can propose 6 contributions for this Special Issue. Please find the published papers from previous conferences here .


Workshop contact

E-mail: multiphase*

18th Multiphase Flow Conference & Short Course