Work in Progress 2016

Name of presenter  




Elke Beyreuther  29.01.  Preparation of small animal experiments at DRACO  FWKS
Benjamin Lutz  29.04.   Measurement and Simulation of the Secondary Neutron Field at the Dresden Proton Therapy  FWKS
Burkhard Kämpfer  20.05.  Challenges in Particle and Astro Physics  FWKH
Dominik Kraus  17.06.  X-ray scattering from high energy density matter  FWKK
Xingming Fan  26.08.  A laser-based stand for high resolution timing detectors  FWKH
Axel Hübl  09.09.  Quasi Mono-Energetic Ion Acceleration from Mass-Limited Targets with Realistic Laser Contrast  FWKT
Michael Gensch  23.09.  High-Field THz Science @ HZDR  FWKE
Pengnan Lu  07.10.  Simulations and measurements of ELBE SRF gun II with a Magnesium cathode  FWKE
Hannes Vennekate  21.10.  Emittance Compensation for the SRF Photo Injector  FWKE
Jochen Teichert  04.11.  Mg photo cathodes and SRF gun user operation  FWKE
Jakob Krämer  18.11.  Redshift and harmonic radiation of nonlinear Thomson backscattered X-rays  FWKT
Hideaki Takabe  02.12.  Laboratory Astrophysics, and its Recent Activity Related to Collisioless Shock and Cosmic-Ray Acceleration  FWKH