Work in Progress 2017

Name of presenter




Maciej Oskar Liedke  27.01.  Atomic defects and magnetic ordering  FWKK
Alexander Pelka  10.02.

 Experimental study of accretion processes in binary stars by combining laser-generated  plasma flows with an external magnetic field

Daniel Bemmerer  24.02.  The holy grail of nuclear astrophysics - C-12(alpha,gamma)O-16  FWKK
Sebastian Urlaß  17.03.  Prompt gamma-rays from spontaneous fission of Pu-242  FWKK
Hans-Peter Schlenvoigt  24.03.  Status of ion acceleration at DRACO  FWKT
Lieselotte Obst  07.04.  Laser-proton acceleration from a solid cryogenic hydrogen target  FWKT
Josefine Metzkes  28.04.  Exploring laser-driven ion acceleration towards the relativistic transparency regime  FWKT
Jurjen Couperus  12.05.  Beam loading at a nanocoulomb-class laser wakefield accelerator  FWKT
Robert Greifenhagen  17.11.  Two-Pion Intensity Interferometry and Bose-Einstein Correlations with HADES  FWKK