Dr. Katja Schmeide
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Scientific/Professional career

  • Since 1996:
    Research Associate at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Institute of Resource Ecology
  • 1995-1996:
    Master of Business Administration at the City University of Seattle, USA, European Programs in Dresden. Master thesis: "Analysis of the organizational structure of areas related to materials management of a middle-sized company of the chemical industry, including an analysis of material and information flow and its optimization".
  • 1992-1995:
    PhD at the Technische Universität Dresden / Technische Universität Clausthal. PhD thesis: "Study of the radical co- and terpolymerization of acceptor-, donor- and neutral monomers".
  • 1989-1992:
    Mikroelektronik und Technologie Gesellschaft mbH, Dresden
  • 1984-1989:
    TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Diploma in chemistry

Research work

  • Redox chemistry of actinides (U, Np, Pu) and fission products (Tc) in the presence of natural organic matter or iron(II)-containing mineral phases
  • Complexation of actinides/lanthanides with organic ligands (humic and fulvic acids, small organic molecules) and their effect on actinide/lanthanide sorption and transport in geological systems
  • Retention of radionuclides on host rock (clay rock, crystalline rock) and buffer material (bentonite), cementitious materials and oxides – Effect of evolving geochemical conditions
  • Calixarenes as organic extraction agents for actinides and lanthanides




Influence of gluconate on the retention of Eu(III), Am(III), Th(IV), Pu(IV), and U(VI) by C-S-H (C/S = 0.8)

Dettmann, S.; Huittinen, N. M.; Jahn, N.; Kretzschmar, J.; Kumke, M. U.; Kutyma, T.; Lohmann, J.; Reich, T.; Schmeide, K.; Shams Aldin Azzam, S.; Spittler, L.; Stietz, J.

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Eu(III) and Cm(III) Complexation by the Aminocarboxylates NTA, EDTA, and EGTA Studied with NMR, TRLFS, and ITC – An Improved Approach to More Robust Thermodynamics

Friedrich, S.; Sieber, C.; Drobot, B.; Tsushima, S.; Barkleit, A.; Schmeide, K.; Stumpf, T.; Kretzschmar, J.


2-Phosphonobutane-1,2,4,-Tricarboxylic Acid (PBTC): pH-Dependent Behavior Studied by Means of Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy

Kretzschmar, J.; Wollenberg, A.; Tsushima, S.; Schmeide, K.; Acker, M.

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Effect of Ca(II) on U(VI) and Np(VI) retention on Ca-bentonite and clay minerals at hyperalkaline conditions – New insights from batch sorption experiments and luminescence spectroscopy

Philipp, T.; Huittinen, N. M.; Shams Aldin Azzam, S.; Stohr, R.; Stietz, J.; Reich, T.; Schmeide, K.

New insights into U(VI) sorption onto montmorillonite from batch sorption and spectroscopic studies at increased ionic strength

Stockmann, M.; Fritsch, K.; Bok, F.; Marques Fernandes, M.; Baeyens, B.; Steudtner, R.; Müller, K.; Nebelung, C.; Brendler, V.; Stumpf, T.; Schmeide, K.


Technetium immobilization by chukanovite and its oxidative transformation products: Neural network analysis of EXAFS spectra

Schmeide, K.; Roßberg, A.; Bok, F.; Shams Aldin Azzam, S.; Weiß, S.; Scheinost, A.

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Uranium and neptunium retention mechanisms in Gallionella ferruginea / ferrihydrite systems for remediation purposes

Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Scheinost, A. C.; Roßberg, A.; Müller, K.; Lehrich, J.; Bok, F.; Hallbeck, L.; Schmeide, K.

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Dimeric and Trimeric Uranyl(VI)–Citrate Complexes in Aqueous Solution

Kretzschmar, J.; Tsushima, S.; Lucks, C.; Jäckel, E.; Meyer, R.; Steudtner, R.; Müller, K.; Roßberg, A.; Schmeide, K.; Brendler, V.

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Trimeric uranyl(VI)–citrate forms Na+, Ca2+, and La3+ sandwich complexes in aqueous solution

Kretzschmar, J.; Tsushima, S.; Drobot, B.; Steudtner, R.; Schmeide, K.; Stumpf, T.

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Signatures of Technetium Oxidation States: A New Approach

Bauters, S.; Scheinost, A.; Schmeide, K.; Weiß, S.; Dardenne, K.; Rothe, J.; Mayordomo, N.; Steudtner, R.; Stumpf, T.; Abram, U.; Butorin, S.; Kvashnina, K.

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U(VI) sorption on Ca-bentonite at (hyper)alkaline conditions – Spectroscopic investigations of retention mechanisms

Philipp, T.; Shams Aldin Azzam, S.; Rossberg, A.; Huittinen, N.; Schmeide, K.; Stumpf, T.

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Cm(III) retention by calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) gel and secondary alteration phases in carbonate solutions with high ionic strength: A site-selective TRLFS study

Wolter, J.-M.; Schmeide, K.; Huittinen, N. M.; Stumpf, T.

Multidentate extracting agents based on calix[4]arene scaffold – UVI/EuIII separation studies

Bauer, A.; Jäschke, A.; Shams Aldin Azzam, S.; Glasneck, F.; Ullmann, S.; Kersting, B.; Brendler, V.; Schmeide, K.; Stumpf, T.

Stability of U(VI) doped calcium silicate hydrate gel in repository-relevant brines studied by leaching experiments and spectroscopy

Wolter, J.-M.; Schmeide, K.; Weiss, S.; Bok, F.; Brendler, V.; Stumpf, T.


Uranium(VI) complexes with a calix[4]arene-based 8-hydroxyquinoline ligand: Thermodynamic and structural characterization based on calorimetry, spectroscopy, and liquid-liquid extraction

Bauer, A.; Jäschke, A.; Schöne, S.; Barthen, R.; März, J.; Schmeide, K.; Patzschke, M.; Kersting, B.; Fahmy, K.; Oertel, J.; Brendler, V.; Stumpf, T.

Selenium(IV) sorption onto γ-Al2O3: a consistent description of the surface speciation by spectroscopy and thermodynamic modeling

Mayordomo, N.; Foerstendorf, H.; Lützenkirchen, J.; Heim, K.; Weiss, S.; Alonso, U.; Missana, T.; Schmeide, K.; Jordan, N.


Measurement and modelling of reactive transport in geological barriers for nuclear waste containment

Xiong, Q.; Joseph, C.; Schmeide, K.; Jivkov, A. P.


Interaction of U(VI) with Äspö diorite: A batch and in situ ATR FT-IR sorption study

Schmeide, K.; Gürtler, S.; Müller, K.; Steudtner, R.; Joseph, C.; Bok, F.; Brendler, V.


Spectroscopic study of americium(III) complexes with nitrogen containing organic model ligands

Raditzky, B.; Sachs, S.; Schmeide, K.; Barkleit, A.; Geipel, G.; Bernhard, G.

Diffusion of U(VI) in Opalinus Clay: Influence of temperature and humic acid

Joseph, C.; van Loon, L. R.; Jakob, A.; Steudtner, R.; Schmeide, K.; Sachs, S.; Bernhard, G.

Sorption of U(VI) onto Opalinus Clay: Effects of pH and humic acid

Joseph, C.; Stockmann, M.; Schmeide, K.; Sachs, S.; Brendler, V.; Bernhard, G.


Uranyl(VI) Complexation by Sulfonate Ligands: A Relativistic Density Functional and TRLFS Study

Kremleva, A.; Zhang, Y.; Shor, A. M.; Krüger, S.; Joseph, C.; Raditzky, B.; Schmeide, K.; Sachs, S.; Bernhard, G.; Rösch, N.

Np(V) reduction by humic acid: Contribution of reduced sulfur functionalities to the redox behavior of humic acid

Schmeide, K.; Sachs, S.; Bernhard, G.


Ternary uranium(VI) carbonato humate complex studied by cryo-TRLFS

Steudtner, R.; Sachs, S.; Schmeide, K.; Brendler, V.; Bernhard, G.

Sorption of uranium(VI) onto Opalinus Clay in the absence and presence of humic acid in Opalinus Clay pore water

Joseph, C.; Schmeide, K.; Sachs, S.; Brendler, V.; Geipel, G.; Bernhard, G.

Binary and Ternary Uranium(VI) Humate Complexes Studied by Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier-transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Steudtner, R.; Müller, K.; Schmeide, K.; Sachs, S.; Bernhard, G.

Luminescence properties of uranium(VI) citrate and uranium(VI) oxalate species and their application for the determination of complex formation constants

Günther, A.; Steudtner, R.; Schmeide, K.; Bernhard, G.


Sorption of Np(V) and Np(IV) onto kaolinite: Effects of pH, ionic strength, carbonate and humic acid

Schmeide, K.; Bernhard, G.

Interaction of uranium(VI) with nitrogen containing model ligands studied by laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy

Raditzky, B.; Schmeide, K.; Sachs, S.; Geipel, G.; Bernhard, G.


Redox stability of neptunium(V) and neptunium(IV) in the presence of humic substances of varying functionality

Schmeide, K.; Bernhard, G.


The relationship of monodentate and bidentate coordinated uranium(VI) sulfate in aqueous solution

Hennig, C.; Ikeda, A.; Schmeide, K.; Brendler, V.; Moll, H.; Tsushima, S.; Scheinost, A. C.; Skanthakumar, S.; Wilson, R.; Soderholm, L.; Servaes, K.; Görrler-Walrand, C.; van Deun, R.


EXAFS investigation of U(VI), U(IV) and Th(IV) sulfato complexes in aqueous solution

Hennig, C.; Schmeide, K.; Brendler, V.; Moll, H.; Tsushima, S.; Scheinost, A.

  • Inorganic Chemistry 46(2007)15, 5882-5892
  • Poster
    Actinide XAS 2006, 18.-20.09.2006, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Contribution to proceedings
    Actinide XAS 2006, 18.-20.09.2006, Karlsruhe, Germany
    Speciation Techniques and Facilities for Radioactive Materials at Synchrotron Light Sources: OECD, 978-92-64-99006-7, 219-224


Plutonium(III) complexation by humic substances studied by X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy

Schmeide, K.; Reich, T.; Sachs, S.; Bernhard, G.

  • Inorganica Chimica Acta 359(2006)1, 237-242


EXAFS Study on the Neptunium(V) Complexation by Various Humic Acids under Neutral pH Conditions

Sachs, S.; Schmeide, K.; Reich, T.; Brendler, V.; Heise, K. H.; Bernhard, G.

  • Radiochimica Acta 93(2005), 17-25

Neptunium(IV) complexation by humic substances studied by X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy

Schmeide, K.; Reich, T.; Sachs, S.; Brendler, V.; Heise, K. H.; Bernhard, G.

  • Radiochimica Acta 93(2005), 187-196


Uranium(VI) separation from aqueous solution by calix[6]arene modified textiles

Schmeide, K.; Heise, K.-H.; Bernhard, G.; Keil, D.; Jansen, K.; Praschak, D.

  • Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 261(2004)1, 61-67


Interaction of uranium(VI) with various modified and unmodified natural and synthetic humic substances studied by EXAFS and FTIR spectroscopy

Schmeide, K.; Sachs, S.; Bubner, M.; Reich, T.; Heise, K. H.; Bernhard, G.

  • Inorganica Chimica Acta 351, 133-140 (2003)


Humic Colloid-Borne Migration of Uranium in Sand Columns

Artinger, R.; Rabung, T.; Kim, J. I.; Sachs, S.; Schmeide, K.; Heise, K. H.; Bernhard, G.; Nitsche, H.

  • Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 58 (2002) 1-12.

Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopic Studies on Chemically Modified and Unmodified Synthetic and Natural Humic Acids

Sachs, S.; Bubner, M.; Schmeide, K.; Choppin, G. R.; Heise, K. H.; Bernhard, G.

  • Talanta, 57, 999-1009 (2002)


Investigation of Humic Acid Complexation Behavior with Uranyl Ions Using Modified Synthetic and Natural Humic Acids

Pompe, S.; Schmeide, K.; Bubner, M.; Geipel, G.; Heise, K.-H.; Bernhard, G.; Nitsche, H.

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Uranium(VI) Sorption onto Phyllite and Selected Minerals in the Presence of Humic Acid

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The influence of charge-transfer complexes on the copolymerization behavior of cyclic maleic acid derivatives with donor monomers

Schmidt-Naake, G.; Drache, M.; Leonhardt, K.

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