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Thermo­dynamics of Actinides
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Further Development of the Smart Kd-Concept for Long-Term Safety Assessment (WEIMAR)

Financed by:
German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) under Contract Nos. 02 E 11072B
Funding period:
2012/07/01 – 2016/11/30
Cooperation Partner:
GRS - Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) gGmbH Braunschweig
Vinzenz Brendler, Madlen Stockmann
Constanze Richter


One important natural retardation process for contaminants (e.g. heavy metals, radionuclides) during the transport through surface sediments or rock fissures is sorption onto mineral surfaces. Describing the sorption as realistically as possible is therefore essential in geochemical modeling.

In this project, a new modeling approach is developed, where more realistic distribution coefficients are calculated as a function of important environmental parameters such as pH value, ionic strength, competing cations and complex forming ligands using PHREEQC [1] and UCODE [2]. Such a mechanistic approach, namely “Smart Kd concept” based on surface complexation models (SCM) and allows to predict variation in sorption as a consequence of changing physicochemical conditions (e.g. due to anthropogenic causes or climatic changes). Required thermodynamic sorption data are taken from RES³T.

The philosophy behind this approach is to compute a-priori multidimensional smart Kd-matrices for relevant contaminants (see Fig. 1), which are accessible during (reactive) transport simulations with existing transport codes (e.g. such as the 3D reactive transport code r³t, radionuclides, reaction, retardation, and transport [3] as well as its update d³f++). It is worth mentioning that this basic methodology can be transferred to any other transport code relying on conventional distribution coefficients as well as to any geological formation.

smart-kd matrix

Fig. 1.: Multidimensional smart Kd-matrix for U(VI) sorption in a sandy aquifer system as a function of pH, [DIC], and [Ca] (d in m3 kg-1, logarithmic scale).

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