Opportunities for students

Magnetic structures are usually fabricated during processes consisting of various steps involving different materials. Magnetic nanostructures, e.g. for data storage, however, are produced by means of optical or electron beam based lithography. We are using a much more direct approach, i.e. the tuning of the magnetic properties due to ion irradiation. Ions are electrically charged and therefore the beam can be be focussed to a few nanometers. This means that one can directly write magnetic nanostructures using a ion microscope using the same material.

You are invited to take part in this fascinating research. Please contact us by email: k.potzger@hzdr.de in case you are interested in a bachelor or master thesis or a position as a student assistant (according to the usual salary).

The research topics:

  • Potential applications in data storage and sensorics
  • Materials research on materials whose magnetic properties are sensitive to structural changes
  • Research on magnetic effects such as magneto resistance, magnetic vortices in microstructures and magnetization dynamics
  • Various methods of preparation such as thin film sputter deposition, nanolithography and ion irradiation
  • Various methods of analytics such as magnetometry, ferromagnetic resonance, ion beam analysis and structure analytics

Yours, Kay Potzger (project group leader)