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Adiabatic bubbly flow

Adiabatic bubbly flow

The HZDR baseline model for poly-disperse bubbly flows was validated for many cases without mass and heat transfer.

The tables below provide an overview over the configurations considered for validation so far.

 Without mass and heat transfer

Configuration Geometry Working media
Upward pipe flow DN25~200 mm Air - water
Downward pipe flow DN50 mm Air - water
Slightly inclined pipe flow DN50 mm Air - water
Vertical pipe with obstacles DN200 mm Air - water
Horizontal pipe flow DN50 mm Air - water
Bubble column with homogeneous flow Rectangular

Air - water
N2 - NaOH solution
Air/CO2 - water

Bubble column with oscillating plume Rectangular Air-water
Argon - GaInSn
Airlift Rectangular
Static mixer DN80 mm Air - water
Stirred tank DN~200 mm Air - water

With phase change

Condensing pipe flow DN~200 mm Steam - water
Evaporating pipe flow DN~200 mm Steam - water
Sub-cooled wall boiling 5×5 Bundle
DN19.2 mm
Steam - water
Refrigerant R12

With mass transfer

bubble column Rectangular CO2 - NaOH solution
bubble column cylindrical Air/CO2 - water


Some examples, links and publications related to the validation are shown below.


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