A different approach to networking – First-ever HIF science slam

News published on 5.9.2017

Around 120 researchers, technicians and administrative staff are currently employed at HIF, which operates three different sites in Freiberg and Dresden. As a matter of fact, hardly any team member will know all the others. But how can the networking and scientific exchange be facilitated? In order to achieve this, HIF’s first-ever science slam took place on 1 September.

HIF Science Slam - 1.9.2017

Twenty short presentations were on the agenda. The topics were as diverse as the research at HIF, covering, for instance, three-dimensional geological modelling for exploration, biotechnological processing or simulation models for raw materials recycling.

The rules were rather simple – explaining one’s own work in a comprehensible way using a three-minute presentation. After all, there were winners only. The participants, among them many PhDs and students, gained experience in presenting their research. And the audience obtained fresh insights into the diversity of research at HIF. In order to provide space for talks and networking, there was a coffee and an international lunch break.

Many thanks to all who contributed to this great event!

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