Dr. Nicole Berndt

PostDoctoral Fellow

Phone: +49 351 260 2755
+49 351 260 3993

Porträt Dr. Feldmann, Anja; FWPI

Dr. Anja Feldmann

Head Radioimmunology
Phone: +49 351 458 3428

Development of immuno- and radiotherapy

Over the last years, our group developed and established numerous monoclonal antibodies (mAb) as well as humanized recombinant Ab formats including bispecific antibodies (bsAbs), single-chain fragments variable (scFvs), nanobodies (nbs) and peptide ligand-based molecules. Furthermore, we have shown that small molecule tracers can be equipped with the UniCAR peptide epitope and used as target modules (TMs). Besides their role as immunotherapeutic agents, all these molecules can be radioactively labeled and used as diagnostic tools for tumor imaging and for monitoring of tumor therapies by optical imaging tools (e. g. PET, SPECT). Additionally, based on the pharmacokinetic properties and the type of radionuclide used, our TMs can also be used for endoradionuclide therapy. Our immunotheranostics can be applied alone or in combination with other tumor therapies such as external radiation.

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