News of 30.11.2018

Freiberg researchers at new raw materials conference in Cape Town

Freiberger Wissenschaftler in Kapstadt 2018 ©Copyright: Prof. Gutzmer, Jens

Freiberg scientists in Cape Town.

In summertime Cape Town, South Africa, Freiberg scientists from the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology (HIF) and the TU Bergakademie presented current research results on the processing, extraction and recycling of strategic resources.

HIF Director Dr. Jens Gutzmer gave the keynote speech at an international conference on new developments in the field of processing high-tech metals, which was held for the first time. The PhD students Toni Helbig and Anna Vanderbruggen from the Helmholtz Institute presented their work on the selective separation of the elements molybdenum and rhenium from residues of the former copper shale processing as well as on the recovery of graphite from lithium-ion batteries by means of flotation. The "1st International Conference on Developments in the Processing of the ‘Hi-Tech’ Metals” (Hi-Tech Metals '18)” took place from 21 to 23 November 2018.

This was preceded by the conference "Process Mineralogy '18" from 18 to 21 November in Cape Town. HIF PhD student Ivan Belo Fernandes gave an insight into the simulation of raw material processes and Andrea Guhl from the Institute of Technical Chemistry of the TU Bergakademie spoke about the use of modern analytical methods in the characterization of secondary raw materials.