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Dr. Katerina Falk
Phone: +49 351 260 2462

Plasma Physics course

TU Dresden

Lecturer: Dr. Katerina Falk

Summer semester: April – July 2022

  • Time: Friday, 2 DS (9:20 – 10:50)
  • Duration: 1 DS (1.5 hours)
  • Location: ASB/328/H

Course description:

This course provides a detailed description of the basic principles in Plasma Physics including the charge shielding, propagation of electromagnetic radiation on plasmas, waves in plasma, thermodynamic and electromagnetic properties, an introduction to kinetic theory and basic magneto-hydrodynamics. It also gives an overview of applications of Plasma Physics such as fusion energy, astrophysical plasmas and laboratory astrophysics, plasma x-ray spectroscopy, and plasma accelerators. It should serve as a good pre-requisite or complementary course to the Physics of Particle Accelerators taught by Prof. U. Schramm. The contents is suitable for advanced bachelor students, Masters and PhD students with no background in Plasma Physics. The lecture course also includes guest lectures on Laboratory Astrophysics, X-ray spectroscopy and Particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations. This course is fully credited and counts towards qualification requirements for PhD students. All materials (incl. recorded lectures) for the course are available online on OPAL and on the HZDR website listed below.

If you wish to attend the course, please email the lecturer to enroll:

Previous knowledge:

Electromagnetism, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, basic atomic physics

Language: English