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Access to HZDR User Facilities

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) operates several research infrastructures, most of which are accessible to external users. More than 50 % of the available beam or magnet time is allotted to external users from research institutes, universities as well as from industry.

Proposals for access must be submitted via the user portal HZDR GATE which is the general access tool to the research infrastructures (RI) at HZDR, offering access to external users!

Users are kindly required to register in HZDR GATE in order to be able to submit a proposal for beamtime at DRACO, ELBE, IBC, RADIATE and ChETEC-INFRA.

Each application is assigned to a specific scientific area and is submitted to international Review Panels.

The HZDR GATE System allows you to:

  • submit a proposal
  • participate in accepted experiments
  • provide user feedback and to submit experimental reports
  • publish data resulting from experiments at an RI at HZDR.

The proposals for the HLD are administrated and evaluated in the frame of the EMFL user program.

Useful information on how to prepare your experiments and your stay at our infrastructures you will find here.