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Pore scale radionuclide migration and sorption in the sandy facies of the Opalinus Clay - numerical investigations

Jonas Schabernack
Eu atoms (green) at an etch pit surface on the
base of muscovite (kMC simulation)

Ph.D. student:
Jonas Schabernack
PD Dr. Cornelius Fischer (HZDR)
Reactive Transport

This numerical doctoral thesis has a nanoscale focus. Sorption reactions on nanostructured surfaces are investigated using Monte Carlo simulation methods. The results are used in pore scale reactive transport models within the scope of this thesis. This numerical work is accompanied by parallel experimental investigations for parameterization and validation. Approaches for scaling up the results to the plug/core scale of reactive transport models using flow field data round off these investigations on the sandy facies of the Opalinus Clay in the iCross joint project.


Jonas Schabernack

PhD Student
Reactive Transport
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