News published on 09.04.2020

The construction of the metallurgy pilot plant is progressing

Glass facade of the new HIF metallurgy pilot plant ©Copyright: Dr. Raatz, Simone

Glass facade of the new HIF metallurgy pilot plan, Photo: Simone Raatz

A lot has happened at the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology (HIF) since the groundbreaking ceremony for the future metallurgy pilot plant in October 2018. After a little more than a year, the the new 400 square meter glass facade of the hall reflects the blue spring sky. The outer shell of the technical center, which is right next to the institute building in Chemnitzer Strasse, is now complete. In the upcoming days constructors will install the insulation and a copper-colored outer cladding. This eye-catcher is intended to tell guests and pedestrians from far away: Together with its partners from business, science and society, the HIF conducts cutting-edge research for the extraction of metals from ores and scrap.

Metallurgie-Technikum (Planungsansicht) ©Copyright: Baubüro Freiberg GmbH

Metallurgy pilot plant (Design view), Photo: Baubüro Freiberg GmbH

In the next few months, the semi-industrial metallurgical infrastructure will be integrated. This infrastructure allows scientists to test laboratory results under real industrial conditions and to make new technologies marketable. What is particularly special about the pilot plant, is the fact that hydro- and pyrometallurgical test facilities are equipped with camera and sensor systems. Results can be directly fed into simulation models to digitalize and optimize processes.