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Jan Vorberger
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17th International Conference on the Physics of Non-Ideal Plasmas

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It is a great pleasure to invite you to take part in the 17th International Conference on the Physics of Non-Ideal Plasmas (PNP17) which is to be held at Dresden, Germany, from September 20 to 24, 2021.

PNP17 is following a long series of previous meetings:

2018 - Saint-Malo (France)
2015 - Almaty (Kazakhstan)
2012 - Rostock (Germany)
2009 - Chernogolovka (Russia)
2006 - Darmstadt (Germany)
2003 - Valencia (Spain)
2000 - Greifswald (Germany)
1998 - Rostock (Germany)

1995 - Binz (Germany)
1993 - Markgrafenheide (Germany)
1991 - Gosen (Germany)
1988 - Wustrow (Germany)
1986 - Greifswald (Germany)
1984 - Biesenthal (Germany)
1982 - Wustrow (Germany)
1980 - Matzlow-Garwitz (Germany)

The conference attendees will have the opportunity to exchange on many different aspects of non-ideal plasmas. The conference will cover a wide variety of topics:

  • Statistical physics and ab-initio simulations
  • Production of non-ideal plasmas (using optical lasers, free electron lasers, heavy-ion beams, Z machine, high explosives etc.)
  • Diagnostics of non-ideal plasmas (using x-ray scattering, line shapes, stopping power, emission and absorption, etc.)
  • Equilibrium properties, equations of state and phase transitions
  • Kinetics, transport and optical properties
  • Dense astrophysical and ICF plasmas
  • Ultra-intense laser-matter interaction
  • Dusty plasmas

Programm Committee

Chair: R. Redmer (Rostock, Germany)

M. Knudson (Albuquerque, USA).
D. Gericke (Warwick, UK)
M. Bonitz (Kiel, Germany)
R. Sauerbrey (Dresden, Germany)
V. Mintsev (Chernogolovka Russia)
S. Glenzer (Stanford, USA)
J. Clerouin (Arpajon, France)
M. Schlanges (Greifswald, Germany)
T. Ramazanov (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
D. Hoffmann (Darmstadt, Germany)
M. Desjarlais (Albuquerque, USA)
I. Tkachenko (Valencia, Spain)
V. Recoules (Arpajon, France)
C. Keitel (Heidelberg, Germany)
D. Kraus (Rostock & HZDR, Germany)     
T. Tschentscher (Hamburg, Germany)    
H. Reinholz (Rostock, Germany)
A. Ravasio (Palaiseau, France)
P. Levashov (Moscow, Russia)
C. Pierleoni (L’Aquila, Italy)
G. Roepke (Rostock, Germany)
Local Organizing Committee
Chair: Dominik Kraus, Univ. Rostock + HZDR
Jan Vorberger, HZDR (Dresden)
Anne Varga, HZDR (Dresden)

Invited Speakers

Mandy Bethkenhagen (ENS Lyon, France)
David Ceperley (UIUC, USA)
Dongdong Kang (NUDT, China)
Sergey Khrapak (DLR, Germany)
Emma McBride (SLAC, USA)
Victor Mintsev (IPCP RAS, Russia)
Zhandos Moldabekov (CASUS, Germany)
Benjamin Ofori-Okai (SLAC, USA)
Charles Starrett (LANL, USA)
Toma Toncian (HZDR, Germany)

Here is the full book of abstracts (as updated on 8th of September 2021).




Programme PNP 17 ©Copyright: Vorberger, Jan

Programme PNP 17

Foto: Jan Vorberger