Young Mining Professionals interviewing recomine

Interview Recomine with Young Mining Professionals Switzerland ©Copyright: Young Mining Professionals Switzerland

Young Mining Professionals (YMP) is a growing international association of mining professionals based in major mining centers across the world, that share the goal of advancing the global profile and leadership of the mining and exploration industry. YMP was established to assist participants in obtaining the skills, support and knowledge to successfully advance their careers, develop a network of contacts within the industry, and identify career and mining-related investment opportunities. YMP Chapters provide a dynamic platform to connect local mining professionals and the broader mining community. Chapter events are exclusive opportunities for their members to have career-altering interactions through fireside chats with industry leaders, topical presentation, collaborative social events, innovation exhibitions, and much more. Switzerland aims to be the first country in continental Europe to join the YMP network. Together with the YMP Global Group, they are currently progressing the formal registration of YMP Switzerland.

The first event of YMP Switzerland was the Lunch & Learn webinar. Philipp Büttner, coordinator of the recomine alliance presented Holistic Concepts for Tailings Re-mining with the occuring challenges and opportunities. Because tailings are one of the main sources of pollution and safety concerns in mining. They also hold needed materials for our everyday lives. What if these huge liabilities for companies, governments and local communities can be turned into economic assets? Here you can find the presentation and the interview.