Dr. Norbert Weber
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Dr. Tom Weier

Head Liquid metal battery
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SOLSTICE - Sodium-Zinc molten salt batteries for low-cost stationary storage


Electricity storage based on liquid sodium and liquid zinc

Foto: HZDR/Blaurock

Most battery development so far responded to the needs of mobile applications. Such use cases require optimisation for energy density and power capability. Stationary storage prioritises different criteria: long life time and low cost. SOLSTICE has not only the ambition, but also the potential to meet this target. Novel high-temperature Na-Zn cells will be designed custom-fit for the application as stationary storage.

SOLSTICE will produce sustainable batteries with responsible sourcing, optimal recyclability and a low carbon footprint in line with EU’s circular economy goals. Moreover, using widely available and low cost raw materials with sufficient resources and mining capacity inside the European Union will lower the market pressure on critical materials and make them available for other uses.

Detailed information is available on the SOLSTICE web-page.

SOLSTICE Logo This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 963599. EU-Logo