Multiscale Simulation of the evolution of O2 bubbles

Multiscale Simulation of the evolution of oxygen bubbles in electrolyzers


With the growing need of renewable energies and the goal to achieve climate neutrality, H2 came into focus for future energy systems. H2 can be produced by the electrolysis of water. However, the formation of O2 and H2 bubbles during the process as well as the transport of the gas bubbles in the electrolyzer can greatly influence the overall efficiency of the devices. This is where the project comes into play. It is carried out in cooperation with TU Dresden and embedded in the OxySep project (overall leader Prof. Kerstin Eckert), which investigates the optimization of phase separation in PEM electrolysers.

Project leader: Dr.-Ing. Gerd Mutschke

  • Objectives:
    • Development of numerical tools to simulate bubble behaviour in electrochemical environment
    • Investigation of bubble dynamics for different surface structures, material properties and operation conditions
Foto: OxySep - Numerishe Modelle ©Copyright: Mengyuan Huang

OxySep - Numerical models

Source: Huang, Mengyuan


Cooperation partners of the OxySep Project

  • Linde GmbH
  • ITM Linde Electrolysis
  • ITM Power GmbH
  • TU Dresden
  • TU München


The OxySep project is funded by the BMBF from 2021-2025 and is embedded in the joint project SineWave of the joint platform H2Giga.