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Internship on experimental investigation of aerosol propagation (Id 381)

Student practical training / Compulsory internship / Volunteer internship


Currently, there is a broad discussion whether ventilation by frequent window opening is sufficient for providing a sufficient amount of fresh air or if technical air purification devices based on e.g. HEPA filters are better solutions for public spaces. Furthermore, there is another discussion ongoing, whether a well-guided laminar flow or a high degree of mixing within a room is more beneficial. The latter, on the one hand distributes the potentially virus-laden aerosols in the whole room, but on the other hand reduces the peak concentrations of these aerosols clouds by magnitudes.


The objective is to perform aerosol propagation experiments and to estimate the potential aerosol inhalation of people in dynamic situations. To achieve this, an aerosol generator will be used in a demonstrator room under different flow conditions. The data from different scenarios will be processed in order to obtain a transference function that can relate the aerosol source with the aerosol receivers.


  • Literature survey
  • Aerosol experiments in different scenarios.
  • Post-processing of the results.

Department: Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics


  • Student of natural sciences or engineering
  • Willingness to conduct experimental work



4-6 months


According to HDZR guidelines

Online application

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