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Self-organized nanopattern formation on crystalline surfaces of III-V semiconductors (Id 341)

Master theses / Diploma theses

Foto: AFM images of ion-induced surface patternings ©Copyright: Dr. Denise ErbVarious metals, semiconductors, and oxides form regular nanoscale surface patterns in a complex process of self-assembly under low energy ion irradiation. Depending on both instrinsic factors of the material and externally controllable irradiation conditions, nanopatterns of very different morphologies will form, making ion-induced pattern formation a highly complex process. We study this process with regards to the material properties of various elemental and compound semiconductors, their crystal structure and surface orientation, the influence of irradiation parameters, and the patterning kinetics. Thereby, we expect to obtain new insights into the complex process of ion-induced nanopattern formation in technologically relevant materials.

We offer several projects, focussing each on a specific semiconductor material and its behavior under ion irradiation. These projects comprise the preparation of nanopatterned surfaces by low energy ion irradiation, imaging these surfaces surfaces by atomic force microscopy and electron microscopy, the quantitative analysis of these data, as well as simulating the patterning process based on continuum equations or kinetic MonteCarlo models.
The experimental work on these projects should result a diploma or M.Sc. thesis in physics, material science, or a related field of study. The provide an introduction to research at a large scale facility (Ion Beam Center IBC) and opportunities for networking with HZDR specialists on nanoscale surface modification and characterization.

Department: Ion Beam Center

Contact: Dr. Erb, Denise


-- completed B.Sc. studies or Vordiplom in experimental physics, materials science, or related subject
-- good command of German and/or English
-- ability to work independently and systematically


-- place of work: HZDR, location Rossendorf
-- project duration: 12 months, flexible starting time


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