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Mutation and Enrichment Studies in the Context of Directed Evolution using Multiple Phage Display Experiments (Id 417)

Master theses / Diploma theses / Compulsory internship

The application of phage surface display (PSD) technology has accelerated developments in the field of biomolecular sensors and materials science. A practical complement to this technology is Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). In this combination, a more comprehensive view of biopanning rounds with a deep insight into the entire sequence space is made possible. It is possible to identify sequencing artefacts, determine sequence number and structure, recognize binding motifs and observe the evolution of the phage library over the course of an experiment. PSD in combination with biopanning is able to select candidates with high affinity and selectivity to the desired substrates from large peptide libraries. In practice, this specific enrichment of peptides leads to a reduction in library diversity. It should therefore be possible to better visualize this reduction in sequence space using data clustering methods in order to better understand distances between similar sequence families.

Department: BioKollekt

Contact: Bloß, Christoph


Prerequisite is a valid enrollment in a Master's program in bioinformatics, biotechnology, molecular biology, biochemistry, biology or a related natural science program. Furthermore:

- Interest in data cluster methods and bioinformatics
- Basic knowledge in bioinformatics, statistics, stochastics and clustering
- Experience with a programming language (e.g. Python, R, C, C++ or other)
- Ability to work independently and in a team
Interested students are invited to submit their application documents including CV, last academic transcript and letter of motivation.


The topic is to be worked on as part of a Master's thesis in conjunction with a mandatory internship. This results in a duration of 12 months. The duration can be extended or adjusted in consultation with the supervisor. We can offer you:

- An innovative multidisciplinary research environment related to relevant issues in resource technology
- Supervision by experienced scientists and researchers
- Practical experience in the field of bioinformatics and directed evolution

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