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Development and experimental investigation of a multi-channel flow body sensor (Id 421)

Bachelor theses / Master theses / Diploma theses / Compulsory internship

The development of a multi-channel flow body sensor according to patent WO 2010/069307 A1 aims to quantify the gas content in flow-carrying components. A decisive advantage of this sensor lies in its optical measuring principle, which is based on fiber-optic coupling and the analysis of the light output signal. This avoids electrical potentials in the measuring area, offering significant advantages over electrical measuring methods (intrinsic safety), especially for explosive mixtures.

Preliminary tests at the Institute for Experimental Fluid Dynamics at the Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf on gas-liquid flows showed that a clear binarization of the sensor output signal can be achieved due to the capillary effects in narrow channels and the different refractive indices of the gas and liquid phases. Building on previous work with a single-channel sensor prototype based on a polymer optical fiber (POF) with a diameter of 1 mm, the following tasks must be completed as part of further research.


  • Adjusting the POF diameter to 1.5 mm in the single-channel configuration.
  • Conducting experimental investigations of the new single-channel prototype using the already developed test system and evaluation programs.
  • Designing a multi-channel sensor body for gas content measurements in the system.
  • Developing a transition adapter to optimize the flow distribution between the DN10 flow pipe and the sensor body.

Department: Fluid process engineering

Contact: Condriuc, Ivan, Dr. Kipping, Ragna


  • Students majoring in fields such as process engineering, mechanical engineering, or chemical engineering.
  • Interest in fluid mechanics and the development of measurement technology.
  • Experience with 3D CAD tools.
  • Basic knowledge of Python programming


Start date: 01.01.2025
Duration: according to the respective study regulations

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