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Simulation of gas-solid-liquid flows in stirred tanks (Id 290)

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Multiphase flows with particles and bubbles play an important role in many process engineering applications. Use of CFD („Computational fluid dynamics“) methods offers the possibility to identify energy- and resource-efficient solutions for scale-up and intensification of such processes, which are costly and time-consuming to investigate by conventional semi-empirical methods. Such simulations on the scale of technical equipment are feasible within the Euler-Euler framework, where phenomena on the scale of individual bubbles or particles are modeled. The development of such closure models is a focus of the research in the CFD department of the Institute of Fluid Dynamics at HZDR.
The topic of the present work is the combination of already established models for bubbly or particulate two-phase flows to a model for three-phase flows in which both bubbles and particles are present. To validate this model, simulations are run using ANSYS CFX and compared to experimental data from the literature. The degree of agreement between both is discussed and hypotheses for eventual deviations are suggested. Since our group has many years of experience with this procedure, good chances for quick accomplishment are provided.

Subtaks to work on are the following:
• systematic literature research on experimental databases
• running simulations
• evaluating and documenting the results
• eventually implementation of improved models

Department: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Contact: Dr. Rzehak, Roland


• knowledge on fluid dynamics
• experience with ANSYS CFX is advantageous, but can also be acquired if committment is there
• Englisch language skills in writing and speech
• excitement about scientific work


• duartion: 4-6 months
• begin: immediately
• compensation

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