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Membraneless water electrolysis (Id 423)

Master theses / Diploma theses / Student Assistant

By eliminating the membrane, which in conventional water electrolyzers ensures that the products (H₂ and O₂) are separated from each other, high current densities can be achieved in addition to reducing capital expenditure (CAPEX). In membraneless electrolyzers, the products can be separated from each other by utilizing the electrolyte flow. However, it is crucial to know what influence the flow has on bubble formation and detachment. This is investigated in experimental studies on electrodes using different experimental setups. The knowledge gained is then fed back into the optimization of an existing electrolysis cell.

Focus of work:

  • Literature research
  • Experimental study of hydrogen bubble development on electrodes
  • Analysis of the data (images, electrochemical data)
  • Improvement of the membraneless electrolyzer
  • Improvement of existing algorithms for data evaluation

Department: Electrochemical Systems

Contact: Rox, Hannes, Dr. Yang, Xuegeng


  • Study of Process Engineering (or relative field)
  • Interest in experimental work
  • Programming skills (preferably Python)


  • Duration: min. 6 months
  • Start: ca. June 2024
  • Workplace: TU Dresden

Online application

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