Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf


Dr. Andrea Cherkouk
Phone:+49 351 260 2989
Email: a.cherkoukAthzdr.de
AddressBautzner Landstraße 400
01328 Dresden

Scientific career

  • Since 2014:
    Head of the Junior Research Group MicroSalt at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden- Rossendorf, Institute of Resource Ecology
  • 2009-2013:
    Research Associate at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Institute of Resource Ecology (formerly Institute of Radiochemistry)
  • 2006-2009:
    Research Associate University of Manchester, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • 2007:
    PhD at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany
  • 2003-2006:
    PhD student at the Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Institute of Radiochemmistry
  • 2003:
    Diploma in Geoecology at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

Research fields

  • Microbe-actinide interactions
  • Microbial ecology


  • Microbiology In Nuclear waste Disposal (MIND)
  • Transformation mechanisms in bentonites as barrier material for nuclear waste repositories (UMB)



The year-long development of microorganisms in uncompacted Bavarian bentonite slurries at 30 °C and 60 °C
Matschiavelli, N.; Kluge, S.; Podlech, C.; Standhaft, D.; Grathoff, G.; Ikeda-Ohno, A.; Warr, L.; Chukharkina, A.; Arnold, T.; Cherkouk, A.;

Association of Eu(III) and Cm(III) onto an extremely halophilic archaeon
Bader, M.; Moll, H.; Steudtner, R.; Lösch, H.; Drobot, B.; Stumpf, T.; Cherkouk, A.;

Microbial diversity in an arid, naturally saline environment
Bachran, M.; Kluge, S.; Lopez-Fernandez, M.; Cherkouk, A.;


Impact of Haloarchaea on speciation of uranium – a multi-spectroscopic approach
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Comparative analysis of uranium bioassociation with halophilic bacteria and archaea
Bader, M.; Müller, K.; Foerstendorf, H.; Schmidt, M.; Simmons, K.; Swanson, J. S.; Reed, D. T.; Stumpf, T.; Cherkouk, A.;


Plutonium interaction studies with the Mont Terri Opalinus Clay isolate Sporomusa sp. MT-2.99: changes in the plutonium speciation by solvent extractions.
Moll, H.; Cherkouk, A.; Bok, F.; Bernhard, G.;

Multistage bioassociation of uranium onto an extremely halophilic archaeon revealed by a unique combination of spectroscopic and microscopic techniques
Bader, M.; Müller, K.; Foerstendorf, H.; Drobot, B.; Schmidt, M.; Musat, N.; Swanson, J. S.; Reed, T. D.; Stumpf, T.; Cherkouk, A.;


Study of the Interaction of Eu3+ with Microbiologically Induced Calcium Carbonate Precipitates using TRLFS
Johnstone, E. V.; Hofmann, S.; Cherkouk, A.; Schmidt, M.;

Influence of riboflavin on the reduction of radionuclides by Shewanella oneidenis MR-1
Cherkouk, A.; Law, G. T. W.; Rizoulis, A.; Law, K.; Renshaw, J. C.; Morris, K.; Livens, F. R.; Lloyd, J. R.;


Bacterial diversity in bentonites, engineered barrier for deep geological disposal of radioactive wastes
Lopez-Fernandez, M.; Cherkouk, A.; Vílchez-Vargas, R.; Sandoval, R.; Pieper, D.; Boon, N.; Sánchez-Castro, I.; Merroun, M.;


Interactions of the Mont Terri Opalinus Clay isolate Sporomusa sp. MT-2.99 with curium(III) and europium(III)
Moll, H.; Lütke, L.; Geissler, A.; Selenska-Pobell, S.; Bernhard, G.; Bachvarova, V.;


Strong paramagnetism of Gold nanoparticles deposited on a Sulfolobus acidocaldarius S-layer
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Magnetic Au Nanoparticles on Archaeal S-layer Ghosts as Templates
Selenska-Pobell, S.; Reitz, T.; Schönemann, R.; Herrmannsdörfer, T.; Merroun, M.; Geißler, A.; Bartolomé, J.; Bartolomé, F.; Garcia, L. M.; Wilhelm, F.; Rogalev, A.;
  • Open Access LogoNanomaterials and Nanotechnology 1(2011)2, 8-16

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Uranium redox cycling in sediment and biomineral systems.

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Microbial communities associated with the oxidation of iron and technetium in bioreduced sediments.


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Geomicrobiological redox cycling of the transuranic element neptunium.

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Role of nitrate in conditioning aquifer sediments for technetium bioreduction.


Biogeochemical changes induced in uranium mining waste pile samples by uranyl nitrate treatments under anaerobic conditions
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Aquilina, A.; Knab, N.J.; Knittel, K.; Kaur, G.; Geissler, A.; Kelly, S.P.; Fossing, H.; Boot, C.S.; Parkes, R.J.; Mills, R.A.; Boetius, A.; Lloyd, J.R.; Pancost R.D.
Biomarker indicators for anaerobic oxidizers of methane in brackish-marine sediments with diffusive methane fluxes.

Renshaw, J.C.; Law, N.; Geissler, A.; Livens, F.R.; Lloyd, J.R.
Impact of the Fe(III)-reducing bacteria Geobacter sulfurreducens and Shewanella oneidensis on the speciation of plutonium.


Addition of U(VI) to a Uranium Mining Waste Sample and Resulting Changes in the Indigenous Bacterial Community
Geissler, A.; Selenska-Pobell, S.;