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Natural Circulation Instabilities During a Loca of VVER-Type Reactors

Krepper, E.; Rohde, U.


In the Research Centre Rossendorf pre- and posttest calculations to the OECD/NEA/CSNI International Standard Problem No. 33 were carried out with the GRS code ATHLET. This Problem was a natural circulation experiment with stepwise reduced primary coolant inventory. In the ATHLET calculations after a drainage of about 50% of the primary inventory cyclic oscillations of the mass flows and the void fractions were observed. These are found in the experimental results also. A simple analytical model was developed to distinguish physically caused oscillations from numerically caused ones. The oscillations observed could be interpreted as density wave instability in the local recirculation loop core- bypass.

  • Lecture (Conference)
    und Proceedings: International Conference New Trends in Nuclear System Thermohydraulics, Pisa, 30.5.-2.6.1994, pp. 793 - 797