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Design of an optical tomograph for the investigation of single and two phase pipe flows

Schleicher, E.; Hampel, U.; Da Silva, M. J.; Thiele, S.; Li, A.; Wollrab, E.


We describe a fast optical tomography sensor which has been designed for the investigation of single and two phase flows in pipes and bubble columns. It enables image acquisition at frame rates of up to 4.5 kHz at roughly 2 mm image resolution. The sensor works similar to a conventional CT with 256 light emitters and 32 light receivers arranged about the object’s cross-section. The light emitters are sequentially flashed while the light receiver intensities are recorded synchronously. Primary area of application is single phase flows with dye tracers. Another potential application is the investigation of bubbly two phase flows at low gas fractions. Principle tests have been made for both problems.

Keywords: optical tomography; multiphase flow sensors; flow visualization

  • Measurement Science and Technology 19(2008)9, 094006