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Ultra fast limited-angle type X-ray tomography

Bieberle, M.; Fischer, F.; Schleicher, E.; Koch, D.; Aktay, K. S. D. C.; Menz, H.-J.; Mayer, H.-G.; Hampel, U.


We present an ultra-fast electron beam X-ray computed tomography technique usable for imaging of fast processes, such as multi phase flows or moving parts in technical or biological objects. The setup consists of an electron beam unit with fast deflection capability and an ultra fast multi-element X-ray detector and achieves 10,000 frames per second image rate. Since full sampling of the Radon space requires an angular overlap of source path and detector which strongly decreases axial resolution we devised a limited-angle type tomography. As a demonstration we visualised the movement of particles and gas bubbles rising in a stagnant liquid.

Keywords: electron beam X-ray tomography; computed tomography; flow measurement