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Measurement of fluid distributions in a rotating fluid coupling using high resolution gamma ray tomography

Hampel, U.; Hoppe, D.; Bieberle, A.; Kernchen, R.; Diele, K.-H.; Schleicher, E.; Da Silva, M. J.; Zippe, C.


Gamma ray tomography has been used to visualize fluid distributions in a rotating fluid test coupling at different operation points. The gamma ray CT system comprises a Cs-137 isotopic source and a high resolution gamma ray detector. By means of an angle synchronized tomographic data acquisition technique we were able to produce sharp two-dimensional slice images of the fluid distribution inside the coupling at full pump rotation of up to 780 rpm and lower turbine speeds. Three-dimensional images have been synthesized from different scans along the coupling axis. The data has been used to assess the hydraulic behavior of the fluid coupling and greatly improves our understanding of the flow structure development and its implications on torque transfer in such a device.

Keywords: gamma ray tomography; fluid coupling; two-phase flow measurement