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Friction properties of implanted alumina for vacuum applications

Jagielski, J.; Piatkowska, A.; Merstallinger, A.; Librant, Z.; Aubert, P.; Groetzschel, R.; Suszko, T.


The influence of ion irradiation on friction properties in vacuum of alumina ceramics was studied. The effects of irradiation fluence, ion energy, thickness of the modified layers and of the possible role of solid lubrication were analyzed. The tests performed under vacuum clearly show, that radiation damage-induced softening of the surface layer leads to significant, approximately two times, decrease of a friction coefficient. Further decrease of the friction force, down to about 1/3 of the initial value, was obtained when the implanted species revealed solid lubrication effect. The results obtained are discussed in the frames of theory of adhesive friction.

Keywords: Ion implantation; Ion irradiation; Friction properties; Alumina

  • Vacuum 81(2007)10, 1357-1362


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