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Oxidation-resistant γ-TiAl alloys produced by ion implantation of fluorine

Yankov, R. A.; Kolitsch, A.; Rogozin, A.; Steinert, M.; Donchev, A.; Schütze, M.


Gamma-TiAl alloys (γ-TiAl) are of great interest for advanced automobile, aerospace and power generation applications due to their light weight and high strength. However, destructive oxidation occurring in these materials at temperatures above 700°C has to date restricted their widespread use. It has recently been established that the high-temperature oxidation resistance of γ-TiAl alloys can be enhanced significantly by ion implanting halogens, notably fluorine. In this study, samples of technical γ-TiAl alloys have been surface-modified by either standard beamline ion implantation of fluorine or plasma immersion ion implantation using suitable fluorine-containing precursor gases. The degree of oxidation protection has been evaluated by testing ion implanted samples under conditions of both isothermal and thermal cyclic oxidation in air. Optimized ion implantation treatment produces marked improvement in the oxidation behavior of γ-TiAl. The alloys modified in this way acquire a stable, adherent and highly protective alumina scale against environmental oxidation while retaining the bulk mechanical properties of the starting material. Further improvements have been made in the oxidation resistance by co-implanting two additive elements, namely fluorine and silicon. Some of the most important process parameters that enable the formation of an efficient protective scale are considered and assessed.

Keywords: TiAl alloys; ion implantation; oxidation resistance; halogen effect

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    E-MRS Spring Meeting, 28.05.-01.06.2007, Strasbourg, France


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