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Oxidation-resistant TiAl alloys produced by plasma immersion ion implantation of fluorine

Yankov, R. A.; Kolitsch, A.; Steinert, M.; Donchev, A.; Schütze, M.


Gamma-TiAl alloys (γ-TiAl) are a class of light-weight materials that hold great promise for advanced automobile, aerospace and power generation applications. Their use, however, has currently been limited to below 700°C because of inadequate resistance to oxidation at higher temperatures. Recent research work has established that dramatic enhancement in the high-temperature oxidation resistance of these alloys can be achieved by ion implanting halogens, notably fluorine. In the present study, samples of technical γ-TiAl alloys have been surface-modified by plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) of fluorine using suitable F-containing precursor gases. Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry, Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis and Auger Electron Spectrometry have been employed for sample characterization. The degree of oxidation protection has been assessed by testing F-implanted samples under conditions of isothermal oxidation in air at temperatures up to 1050°C. Optimum process parameters have been identified under which the modified alloys acquire a stable, adherent and highly protective alumina scale against high-temperature environmental oxidation.

Keywords: TiAl alloys; plasma immersion ion implantation; fluorine

  • Lecture (Conference)
    9th International Workshop on Plasma-Based Ion Implantation & Deposition, 02.-06.09.2007, Leipzig, Germany


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