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Dual-magnetron sputtering deposition of ferromagnetic FePt layers: in-situ x-ray investigations

Cantelli, V.; Grenzer, J.; von Borany, J.


In this contribution it is discussed the use of the order parameter S as factor to judge the order degree of a L10 FePt layer grown at 350°C on a-SiO2. Because of the peculiar set-up of the deposition chamber, the FePt plasma is not thermalized, and energetic Ar ions allowed reducing the transition temperature, from the disorder to the order phase, to 350°C, for homogeneous 70 nm thick layers. The S parameter could be easily calculated by XRD measurements; therefore in-situ XRD could be applied to calculate the activation energy of the disorder order transformation. But, in the case of FePt layers deposited at low temperature, the evaluation of the degree of order (S parameter) in thin FePt layers is faulty and could cause to misleading data interpretations. Inconsistency was found between the high S values and the experimental FePt lattice parameters, which were showing a weaker deformation from the cubic to the tetragonal phase in respect to the theoretical values. This is explained in terms of low crystallinity degree and small grains size that are characteristic of the layer.

Keywords: Dual Magnetron sputtering; FePt; in-situ XRD

  • Lecture (others)
    Neue Entwicklungen in Röntgendiffraktometrie und -topographie, 24.04.2007, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany


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