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Radiolabeled glucocorticoids as molecular probes for imaging brain glucocorticoid receptors by means of positron-emission-tomography (PET)

Steiniger, B.; Knieß, T.; Bergmann, R.; Pietzsch, J.; Wüst, F.


Over the last two decades, numerous attempts have been made to develop
11C- and 18F-labeled radiotracers in order to study glucocorticoid receptor (GR)-mediated abnormalities of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) axis function and regulation in vivo by means of positron emission tomography (PET). The present review wants to address the research efforts dealing with the design, radio-synthesis and radiopharmacological evaluation of PET radiotracers for brain GR im-aging. The underlying problems such as metabolic instability, insufficient blood-brain-barrier penetration and/or high non-specific binding will be discussed.

  • Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 8(2008)7, 728-739
    ISSN: 1389-5575


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