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Nanoscaled silicon-based heterostructures formed by interface mediated endotaxy

Popov, V. P.; Tyschenko, I. E.; Cherkov, A. G.; Pokhil, G. P.; Fridman, V. M.; Voelskow, M.


New types of substrates are needed for further scaling in CMOS microelectronics after 22 nm node. We speculate that this new type of materials can be semiconductor heterostructures on insulator (HOI) compatible with current silicon planar CMOS technology. In this work the effect of interface mediated endotaxial (IME) growth of thin Ge or InSb film at the Si/SiO2 bonded interface was experimentally observed and investigated. A joint semiconductor material stack obtained by hydrogen transfer of one layer material (silicon) and an endotaxially grown second one (germanium or indium antimonide) placed initially into an amorphous silicon dioxide film is presented. Thermodynamic, kinetic and lattice mismatch parameter influences on the IME process are considered.

Keywords: Nanoscaled; heterostructures

  • ECS Transactions 6(2007)1, 87-93


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