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Autonomous planar conductivity array sensor for fast liquid distribution imaging in a fluid coupling

Da Silva, M. J.; Lu, Y.; Sühnel, T.; Schleicher, E.; Thiele, S.; Kernchen, R.; Diele, K.-H.; Hampel, U.


In this paper, we introduce a new autonomous planar array sensor based on the measurements of electrical conductivity which has been applied to the visualization of fluid distributions inside a fluid coupling during normal operation. The sensor is composed of approximately 1000 interdigital sensing structures which are used to measure the two-dimensional electrical conductivity distribution at the sensors’s surface with a fast multiplexed probing-sensing scheme at up to 10 kHz frame rate. Two such sensors where used to measure dynamic two-phase flow patterns in a fluid coupling at full operation at 790 rpm rotational speed. Therefore, the sensors were mounted on the pressure-side and the suction-side walls of a blade channel inside a test coupling. The whole measurement system is supplied by a battery and controlled via wireless link, thus being fully autonomous, which enable sensor and electronics to rotate together with the coupling.

Keywords: planar sensor; interdigital electrodes; conductivity measurement; flow measurement; fluid coupling; turbo machinery