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Simulation study on electron beam X-ray CT arrangements for two-phase flow measurements

Bieberle, M.; Schleicher, E.; Hampel, U.


Recently, we presented a limited-angle computed tomography approach that utilises a scanned electron beam X-ray source to produce multiple projections of an object. From these projections cross sectional images of the object are reconstructed by application of iterative reconstruction algorithms. Experiments with different kinds of two-phase flows proved that this approach is capable to recover the in-plane phase structure of the flow at scan rates of up to 10,000 frames per second and to reach an in-plane resolution of 1 mm. However, there are also some problems associated with this approach. One is the occurrence of limited-angle artefacts due to the limited number of views. Another problem is that no information about the volumetric structure of a multiphase flow can be obtained without knowing phase velocities. Both problems are addressed in this article. By means of a simulation study on software phantoms we evaluated different limited-angle scanning geometries with respect to their capability to suppress limited-angle artefacts. Secondly, we propose and evaluate a multi-slice limited-angle technique which allows to recover phase velocities and reconstruction of volumetric flow data. For the studies we employed a software phantom modelling bubbly two-phase flow in a pipe.

Keywords: electron beam x-ray CT

  • Measurement Science and Technology 19(2008)9, 094003