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A New Electrode-Mesh Tomograph for Gas-Liquid Flows

Prasser, H.-M.; Böttger, A.; Zschau, J.


The paper presents an electrode-mesh tomograph for the high-speed visualisation of transient gas fraction distributions in two-phase flows in pipes. It is based on the measurement of the local instantaneous conductivity of the two-phase mixture. The time resolution of the device is 1024 frames per second. The sensor consists of two electrode grids with 16 electrodes each. This results in 16 x 16 sensitive points, which are equally distributed over the cross section. The sensor is available in two designs: (1) wire-mesh sensor for lab applications and (2) sensor with enforced electrode rods for high mechanical loads. The device was recently tested in a vertical and a horizontal air-water flow in a pipe of 51.2 mm diameter.


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