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Experimental two-phase flow measurement using ultra fast limited-angle-type electron beam X-ray computed tomography

Bieberle, M.; Fischer, F.; Schleicher, E.; Koch, D.; Menz, H.-J.; Mayer, H.-G.; Hampel, U.


We report on an experimental evaluation of a novel limited-angle-type ultra fast electron beam X-ray computed tomography approach for the visualization and measurement of a gas-liquid two-phase flow. With this method a simple linear electron beam scan is used to produce radiographic views of a live two-phase flow in a pipe segment of a flow loop. Electron beam scanning can be performed very rapidly, thus a frame rate of 5 kHz is achieved. Radiographic projections are recorded by a very fast detector arc made of CZT elements. This detector records the X-ray radiation passing through the object with a sampling rate of 1 MHz. The reconstruction of slice images from the recorded detector data is a limited angle problem since in our scanning geometry the object’s Radon space is only incompletely sampled. We investigated, whether this technology is able to produce accurate gas fraction data from bubbly two-phase flow. Experiments were performed both on a Perspex phantom with known geometry and an experimental flow loop operated under vacuum conditions in an electron beam processing box.

Keywords: flow measurement; two-phase flow; electron beam tomography; X-ray tomography