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Miniature conductivity wire mesh sensor for gas-liquid two-phase flow measurement

Hampel, U.; Otahal, J.; Boden, S.; Beyer, M.; Schleicher, E.; Zimmermann, W.; Jícha, M.


A miniature conductivity wire mesh sensor for gas-liquid two-phase flow measurement in small channels is introduced. The sensor design is similar to the conventional wire mesh sensor for larger flow cross sections with wire electrodes stretched across the flow channel in two adjacent planes and with perpendicular wire orientation between planes. Conductivity measurement is performed by special electronics which consecutively applies bipolar voltage pulse excitation to the sender wires and measures electrical current flow in the wire crossings at the receiver wires. The new design is based on printed circuit board technology. A prototypical sensor made of 2 x 16 stainless steel wires each of 50 µm diameter was manufactured and applied to two-phase flow measurement inside the mixing chamber of an effervescent atomizer. Accuracy of the sensor was studied for static liquid distributions using microscope photography and for dynamic two-phase flow by comparison of wire mesh data with radial gas fraction profiles obtained from X-ray microtomography measurements.

Keywords: wire-mesh sensor; atomizer; two-phase flow; X-ray microtomography