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Collective structures and smooth band termination in 109Sn

Käubler, L.; Schnare, H.; Fossan, D. B.; Afanasjev, A. V.; Andrejtscheff, W.; Allatt, R. G.; de Graaf, J.; Grawe, H.; Hibbert, I. M.; Lee, I. Y.; Macchiavelli, A. D.; O'Brien, N.; Maier, K. H.; Paul, E. S.; Prade, H.; Ragnarsson, I.; Reif, J.; Schubart, R.; Thorslund, I.; Vaska, P.; Wadsworth, R.; Winter, G.


Six rotational bands up to energies Ex=24.7 MeV and spins Jpi=(79/2-)
have been identified in 109Sn using the GAMMASPHERE gamma-detector
array. Four of the bands show smoothly decreasing dynamic moments of inertia
at rotational frequencies hv > 0.6 MeV. The bands arise at medium spins
from coupling of a valence d5/2, g7/2 or h11/2
neutron to the deformed 2p2h proton excitation of the Z=50 core 108Sn.
At very high hv these bands show the typical behaviour of smoothly terminating
bands, i.e. a gradual alignment of the angular momenta of the valence particles
and holes corresponding to a transition from high collectivity to noncollective

  • Z. Phys. A356 (1996) 235-237


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