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Oxidation Behaviour of Carbon-Based Materials Used for High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors and Fusion Reactors

Moormann, R.; Alberici, S.; Hinssen, H.-K.; Krüssenberg, A.-K.; Wu, C. H.


Kinetic formula describing oxidation of several innovative Cbased HTR and fusion reactor materials in oxygen, steam and CO2 are reported for use in computer codes for safety analyses (air/steam ingress accidents). Most data deal with oxidation regime II (in-pore diffusion control) but some information on regime I and III are added, too. The data situation on oxidation of pure graphites and CFCs in O2 and H2O seems to be sufficient but for mixed materials, particularly Si/C composites to be used in fusion reactors, additional experiments are necessary.

  • Lecture (Conference)
    9th CIMTEC (International Conference on Modern Materials & Technologies) 14.-19.06.1998, Florence, Italy
  • Advances in Science and Technology, Vol 24 (1999) 331-8


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