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Comparative study of gas-oil and gas-water two-phase flow in a vertical pipe

Szalinski, L.; Da Silva, M. J.; Thiele, S.; Beyer, M.; Lucas, D.; Hampel, U.; Hernandez Perez, V.; Abdulkareem, L. A.; Azzopardi, B. J.


A wire-mesh sensor has been employed in a vertical pipe of 67 mm diameter and 6 m length to investigate two-phase flows of two different two-phase mixtures. Conductivity-based measuring electronics was used to measure water-air flow and permittivity-based one for silicone oil-air flow. This experimental setup enables a direct comparison of both two-phase flow systems. Thus, wire-mesh sensor data of both gas-liquid systems were analysed with regard to radial gas volume fraction profiles and bubble size distributions. Furthermore wire-mesh sensor images were evaluated to determine the occurring flow pattern. A flow pattern map was created which contains all experimental measurement points denoted with observed flow pattern.

Keywords: gas-liquid flow; flow visualization; wire-mesh sensor; capacitance; permittivity; conductivity

  • Contribution to proceedings
    3rd International Workshop on Process Tomography, 17.-19.04.2009, Tokyo, Japan
    Proceedings of 3rd International Workshop on Process Tomography
  • Lecture (Conference)
    3rd International Workshop on Process Tomography (IWPT-3), 17.-19.04.2009, Tokyo, Japan
  • Chemical Engineering Science 65(2010)12, 3836-3848
    DOI: 10.1016/j.ces.2010.03.024
    Cited 95 times in Scopus