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A Low-Mass Drift Chamber System for the HADES-Spectrometer

Dohrmann, F.; Bethge, K.; Enghardt, W.; Fateev, O.; Garabatos, C.; Grosse, E.; Müntz, C.; Karig, W.; Koenig, W.; Smykov, L.; Sobiella, M.; Steigerwald, A.; Stelzer, H.; Stroth, J.; Wüstenfeld, J.; Zanevsky, Y.; Zentek, A.


A new high resolution (D M/M < 1 %) and high acceptance (45 %) di-electron spectrometer (HADES) has been designed to investigate in-medium properties of hadrons. For tracking of all charged particles (in particular with sufficient resolution for electrons) a system of 24 low-mass drift chambers (Helium based counting gas and Aluminum field and cathode wires), arranged in four tracking planes, is used.
Design aspects of the chambers are reported. Results of performance optimization using various prototype detectors are discussed, including results of an ageing test. Stable operation in the high-multiplicity environment of heavy ion collisions, and a spatial resolution of 70 mm (s) over 80 % of a cell have been demonstrated in two beam experiments.

  • Acta Physica Polonica B No 11, Vol. 29 (1998), 3189-3193


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