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Dual-plane ultrafast limited-angle electron beam x-ray tomography

Bieberle, M.; Schleicher, E.; Fischer, F.; Koch, D.; Menz, H.-J.; Mayer, H.-G.; Hampel, U.


Electron beam x-ray tomography is an imaging technique, which can provide cross-sectional images of an object of interest with about 1 mm spatial resolution at frame rates of up to 10,000 frames per second. As a non-intrusive method it is especially suited for studying multiphase flows. For this purpose we devised an experimental limited-angle scan setup which utilizes linear beam deflection to generate radiographic projections. This setup was employed in the study of gas-liquid flow in an experimental flow loop operated at different liquid and gas flow rates. Electron-beam tomography images were compared with image data of a wire-mesh sensor. The latter is a fast, but intrusive imaging device, which is commonly used in gas-liquid flow imaging and achieves comparable frame rates but at lower spatial resolution. As a novelty we implemented a dual-plane limited-angle electron beam x-ray tomography which allows us to gain information about the phase velocities using cross-correlation data analysis.

Keywords: electron beam x-ray CT; limited-angle CT; wire-mesh sensor; two-phase flow